Here are what some of the top percussionists in the field are saying about The Repertoire.


“With The Repertoire Will James has given us a terrific guide for conceptualizing and preparing orchestral percussion excerpts for the audition process. Each piece is beautifully demonstrated by Will and then he goes on to explain his approach to these excerpts in terms of tempo, dynamics and most importantly, ideas and traditions that are not evident on the printed part alone. This is a valuable resource for both the serious student and young professional alike!”

Jim Ross – Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Eastman School of Music


“Will, you’ve set a new standard in percussion education at the highest artistic level. Everything about your presentation is first class—absolutely brilliant in concept and performance! CONGRATULATIONS and thank you on behalf of the entire percussion community.”

Garwood Whaley, President/Founder, Meredith Music Publications


“The Repertoire” significantly raises the bar for the study of orchestral percussion excerpts. Particularly for those percussionists about to take an audition, Will’s insightful approach will prove to be an invaluable reference and learning tool. It provides a rare opportunity to hear a world-class orchestral percussionist play through demanding audition repertoire. I wish this was around 40 years ago!”

Neil Grover

Grover Pro Percussion


“Quite simply, The Repertoire sets a new standard of quality and excellence in percussion performance and education.  Will James’ masterful playing, musicianship, and tutorials of the great orchestral percussion excerpts make this collection a must have for students, teachers, and anyone auditioning for an orchestra.”

Paul Buyer, Director of Percussion at Clemson University and Second Vice President of the Percussive Arts Society


“I just finished listening to the snare drum portion of “The Repertoire” at www.williamjamespercussion.com. I have to say, I am absolutely blown away with the level of performance – and attention to detail in both his playing and the tutorials. His communication skills and musical insight are surpassed only by his technique and strong performance skills. These videos should be in every percussion teacher’s library, and every student who is serious about orchestral percussion. Get your subscription today!”

Dr. Andy Harnsberger
Assistant Professor of Music
Percussion Coordinator, Lee University


“I’m really impressed by the audio and visual detail that went into this product. The quality is exceptional. It’s like having an All-Star coach right at your side demonstrating and walking you through each measure. That alone is invaluable. The accessibility is exactly what our industry has needed. It’s really an amazing product.”

Shannon Wood – Principal Timpanist, St Louis Symphony Orchestra; Malletshop.com Founder


“I had originally intended to just preview The Repertoire, but instead watched the entire archive. The Repertoire is wonderfully crafted and an easy recommendation for students, teachers, and professionals. Bravo, Will!”

Casey Cangelosi – Director of Percussion Studies at James Madison University; composer


“For the highest level of production quality, musicality and instruction, students need look no further than ‘The Repertoire’.”

Shaun Tilburg – Phoenix Symphony Principal Percussion; Pocket Publications


“Congratulations to Will James on his latest musical endeavor, “The Repertoire.” The Repertoire (Volume 1) provides reliable breakdowns of the orchestral repertoire and extensive sound concepts to strive towards on snare drum! Personally, the most striking takeaway from The Repertoire is the fantastic sound quality Will achieves on the snare drum. Each excerpt’s detailed analysis is accompanied with specific snare drum colors that truly capture the spirit of each excerpt. As a result, The Repertoire offers the curious, ambitious percussionist an informative and aurally pleasing learning experience.”

Alan Stewart – Freelancer with New York Philharmonic, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Kansas City Symphony


“The Repertoire is by far the best online educational source for aspiring orchestral percussionists. In this first volume, Will James masterfully performs a series of snare drum excerpts, and in related tutorials details his thoughts on technique, phrasing, and musicality. The production team has done a superb job capturing clean, sharp audio and video. I highly recommend The Repertoire for those looking to advance their auditioning skills, and to teachers and established players who’re interested in gaining thoughtful new insights into their practice. Congratulations, Will. We’re all looking forward to more videos!”

Peter Kates – Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Norway; Grieg Academy Institute for Music, UiB


“Will James’ The Repertoire is an enormous achievement. This is an invaluable addition to the orchestral percussionist’s digital library and one of the best new pedagogical resources I’ve seen hit the market in a long, long time. The performance and tutorial videos provide a thorough yet concise presentation of the material. Will manages to hit the most crucial points of each excerpt—from phrasing to character to technique and more—in a succinct and hyper-effective manner. Expertly performed and perfectly presented, The Repertoire is an absolute must for the orchestral percussionist.”

Todd Meehan – Liquidrum and Baylor School of Music


“Will James’ playing and instruction in ‘The Repertoire’ is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn about the standard orchestral repertoire. His high-quality videos provide in depth information as well as outstanding performances of these works.  This is a unique resource for percussionists across the globe. ‘The Repertoire’ is a tremendous accomplishment for Will and a gift to the orchestral percussion world. This videos series will be an essential part of my curriculum here at Interlochen.”

Keith Aleo – Director of Percussion, Interlochen Center for the Arts


“Will James’ “The Repertoire” has proven to be an invaluable resource for the modern percussionist. The recordings and study guide, both from a master in the orchestral field, provide valuable insight into the inner workings of this music. A must have for all percussion students and professionals alike!”

Benjamin Charles – Tarleton State University; @percussion podcast host


“Will has really developed a complete toolkit for percussionists interested in pursuing a higher level of understanding and musicianship while also addressing some of his own personal ‘trade secrets’ on how to bring each piece to life.”

Jim Bailey – Education Relations Manager, D’Addario/Evans/Promark