The Repertoire Announcement!

OK! This blog post is a long time coming. I’m sure many of you have seen my social media posts about several recording sessions I have had and wondered “what the heck is Will recording?” Well today is the big day. I am unbelievably excited to officially announce a project I’ve been working on for quite a while: “The Repertoire”.

The Repertoire is a video library of the standard orchestral repertoire frequently asked in auditions. Say what? That’s right, I’ve been recording instrument by instrument all the standard percussion excerpts. And some that we wish were not so standard!

Remember those excerpt CD’s other instrumentalists had in the 90’s and 2000’s? That’s basically what this is, but made for today’s musician! And finally a version for percussionists!! Each excerpt is recorded in the highest quality audio and HD video. These videos will be accessed online through my website or as a shortcut when accessing through a smart phone

Because I’m not super human and haven’t figured out a way to bend time, the entire project will be released in volumes, organized by instrument. Each work, will have a performance only video (which is designed for quick access in the practice room) and a tutorial video (which will be a much more in depth explanation of the excerpt and my thought process on how to play it).

The first volume will be released Monday, April 3rd!!!

There will be a ton more information coming to you in the weeks ahead but today I am pumped to give you the basics. Keep your eyes and ears open in the next few days as more details come your way.


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