Setting Up to the Drum

Before we begin to play any instrument we must learn how to position our bodies in a healthy, natural way in order to play that instrument. The snare drum is a difficult instrument to play but is made even more difficult if our body is causing unnecessary tension by being out of a proper position.

Two concepts should guide the philosophy on setting up to the drum.

  1. The largest muscles of the body should carry the heavier work load when playing and the intrinsic, smaller muscles should perform the fine motor skills.
  2. The angles and positions of the joints in our body should be as close to neutral as possible. This will give us greater endurance, ease of execution, and less risk of injury.

Setting Up to the Drum
An instructional video on how to set up and get ready to play snare drum. This video will cover body, wrist and arm position as well as drum height. This basic information is key to any beginning percussionist when approaching snare drum for the first time.